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Hands On De-Cluttering

Support Decision Making

Hands on Organizing

Product Recommendation

Shopping Concierge

Label Shelves/Bins

Donation Drop Off

Estate Sale Prep

Sort & Categorize Items

Remove Items Not For Sale

Create Detailed Inventory

Photograph Inventory

Enlist Estate Sale Professional

Moving Concierge

Sorting & Categorizing

Support Decision Making

Provide Moving Checklist

Schedule Packers & Movers

Schedule Cleaners

Color Code Rooms in New Home

Greet & Direct Movers

Unpack & Organize

Additional Concierge

Vendor Window (Cable etc.)

Grocery Shopping

Dry Cleaning Pickup/Drop Off

Package Drop Off

Take in Mail

Water Plants

Liquidation Prep

Create Detailed Inventory List

Photograph Inventory List

Schedule Professional Appraisal

Enlist Estate Liquidator


Pricing varies depending on project size and location.

Please contact for more information.


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