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Professional Organizing FAQ

We tend to bring more things into our homes than we take out. We go shopping and we order online – free two day shipping! Sign me up! 


We’re all so busy with work, family and life, and over time, things can get lost in the clutter.  You can’t find the charger for your drill, you haven’t seen your favorite sweater in a long time and those baskets you bought to store shoes, are now filled with everything but shoes.  You take one look at an area in your home that needs attention, and you have no idea where to start. You feel overwhelmed, guilty and not in control.

Let us help you claim back control over your space. Let us help you set up systems, which will ensure you never have to feel that way again.

What does a professional organizer do?

A professional organizer’s job is to make your life easier, by helping relieve you of the stress & anxiety that comes with having a space that's cluttered & unorganized. We set up systems, which ensure everything has a home, and items you use on a regular basis, are easily accessible.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional organizer?

Having a professional help you in any area of your life is beneficial.  When the space around us is in disarray, it’s mentally challenging, and can have a negative effect on our wellbeing.

We are experts in our field, and we can promise you, any stress you’re feeling will be relieved when you hire us to organize your space.

I’ve reached out to you,
what happens next?

First, we’ll schedule a convenient time to chat on the phone to discuss your needs and goals. Then, we schedule a time for a video call or in person consultation to discuss your needs further. From there, we form a plan and schedule a time for us to come to your home/business, and work our magic.

Is an in person consultation always necessary?

Not at all – for smaller projects, or for clients who are ready to jump straight in, we can schedule a session on the phone.  We do ask you share photos of the project with your organizer before starting getting started.

Will I need to run out and purchase storage containers?

This is something we’ll discuss on the phone and during our consultation. Some client’s want/need storage containers, and we’ll advise you on what will work for any particular space in your home/business. We can send you storage ideas or we also offer to  purchase whatever you might need. We’ll ask what your budget is, and get to it.  If you don’t use everything we bring, we will return it to the store.

How long will it take?

Each project is different, and the length of time will depend on the level of organizing you need. After we’ve seen your space, we can give you an estimate of how long your project will take.

Do I need to be home during the project?

We do ask that you be present for any purging – we will never get rid of anything without your permission.  When we start organizing your things, some clients like to be part of the process, while others leave that part to us.   If you’re on a budget, the more you’re involved you are, the less expensive it’s going to be - it’s totally up to you.

Will I be forced to purge my things?

Absolutely not!  A Professional Organizer’s job is not to force to you get rid of anything you're not ready to part with, but to support you in any decisions you make.  It’s not about the amount of things you own, it’s about being happy & content in your space.

What will I do with the items I no longer want/need?

We’ll take away & donate any reasonable sized items you no longer need. 

Can I sell my things?

Of course! And, we’re happy to recommend the best apps and sites where you can sell different items.

Frequently Asked Questions

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